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If you're a Dog Walker, Dog Trainer, Sitter, Boarder or Pet Professional, the Pet Business Conference 2020, 'How to Have Your Best Year EVER!', is YOUR event.

It's the first and only event of its kind, specially designed and created for passionate, ambitious 
and dedicated Pet Business Owners who are determined to make 2020 their best year ever!

The Pet Industry is an over-saturated and competitive place - with unparalleled opportunities and unprecedented challenges 
- and the smart, savvy pet business owner has to be equipped to deal with both.

We are Pet Business Revolution: inspiring, educating and empowering talented, driven pet professionals to grow 
and transform their pet businesses and their lives.

We work with Pet Business Owners all over the UK who are running dog walking, sitting, home boarding, training, day care, grooming and pet retail business. They want tested and proven strategies that work in their business- without spending unnecessary time and money on trial-and-error.

Both with our clients and in our own businesses we’ve done a HUGE amount of testing, so we know what’s ACTUALLY working right now to grow Pet Businesses, including some of the leading Pet Businesses in the UK. 

For the first time ever, we’re sharing these strategies with you.

Welcome home...

What You'll Discover...
#1. World-Class Actionable Content:  
The Pet Business Conference 2020 is a full day of actionable, strategic, proven content from the Pet Business Revolution team and experts who have been in your shoes and achieved what you aspire to.
The Agenda :
The timings listed here are approximations. Things may change!

And we'll not just be giving you the ‘WHAT’, but also the all-important ‘HOW’, because as a wise man once said: 
“what you don’t know, keeps you poor!”

The conference is packed with cutting-edge, up-to-date content covering 
online AND offline marketing - all focused on equipping you with the knowledge you need to have your best year ever...
This is NOT any 'ordinary conference' and there's no event 
for Pet Business Owners quite like it in the world. 
Here's why:
1. There is ZERO theory here.
 Everything that you hear on stage is tried, tested and proven to work.

2. It's NOT a 'pitch-fest'.
 We're sure you've been to events before where speaker after speaker is paraded in front of you trying to sell you their latest thing. This isn't that.
3. It's NOT a day of old, outdated information.
 'How to Have Your Best Year EVER' is all about what's working NOW, and each section will deliver on that goal. 
4. It's NOT a regurgitation of things you already know. 
 This is stuff we've never shared before. Genuinely world-class content that has the ability to change your life and your Pet Business. 
5. It's NOT a motivation-only, fix-your-head type event. 
 Whilst you'll be inspired, empowered and motivated, you won't be molly-coddled or told your 'problem mindset' is always the answer.
    We’ve been to those conferences and if you’re anything like us, you leave those events feeling unsatisfied.

    That’s why ‘How to Have Your Best Year EVER’ will be the UK's best business event for ambitious Pet Business Owners just like you - helping YOU to attract and keep more customers and to grow and transform your business.
    #2. Inspiration 

    It's one thing to WANT to take your business to the next level but another to follow through and take action!

    Unlike all those other conferences, you’ll walk out of the venue at the end of the day with a real plan that you can 
    implement to grow your business (and your bank account) as soon as you get home. 

    You'll have the help, support, inspiration and, most of all, the specific tangible tactics and strategies that you can deploy. 

    You’ll know what you need to do to make 2020 your best year yet and you’ll have all of the strategies you need
     to bring that to fruition. Exactly what your business needs.

    The size and type of your pet business doesn't matter, but your determination and commitment to succeed does.

    If you’re ready to take a GIANT leap toward becoming a better, more accomplished Pet Business Owner, 
    then click the button below to join us at ‘How to Have Your Best Year EVER’.

    You won’t regret it.

    The Important Details...
    The Date:
    Saturday 8th February 2020

    The Venue: 
    Stratford Manor Hotel, Warwick Rd, 
    Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 0PY
    The Timing: 9am for Coffee (if you want to get in on the pastries, don’t be late!) 

    9.30am start.
    Wrapped up by 4.45pm.

    Refreshments throughout the day and a hot & cold buffet lunch in the restaurant is included in your ticket price.

    Parking is free on-site. Accommodation is available and can be booked directly through the hotel with 20% discount when quoting ‘Pet Business Revolution’.

    We've given you a taste of what's in store, 
    but there's even more left unsaid:
    1. Module-based teaching.
    Content will be delivered in easy-to-understand, short modules of up to 90 minutes, so you stay focused.
    2. Questions answered.
    If you have a question or concept that we're presenting then you'll have a chance to get an answer at the event. No going home head scratching here!
    3. Generous Training Manual. 
    With all slides, 'swipe and deploy' templates, examples and relevant articles provided to each and every attendee. This is note taking in style!
      Chances are, you're starting to think that this event is for you. 

      BUT, (we're serious), 'How to Have Your Best Year EVER' isn't for every pet business owner. 
      You MUST be willing to put in the effort and investment that's required.
      More Reasons to be 'in'!
      #3. Networking & Fun:  
      With fellow Pet Business Owners in attendance, you'll meet people who are and have been in your shoes, who have faced the same opportunities that you have had, and who have overcome the same challenges

      Likeminded, ambitious pet business people from Dog Walkers, Trainers, Behaviourists, Sitters, Boarders, 
      Product Retailers, Groomers and more!
      Phew! We're tired already. 
      Your brain will be mush and your adrenaline will be pumping, but you'll be 1000% ahead of pet business owners who aren't at the event. Guaranteed!
      What Pet Pro's Are Saying...
      "I’ve made many more positive changes to my business as a result of working together and I’m looking forward to see what else we can achieve this year!

      If you have a business which you know can do well, but you are not sure how to improve it, this comes highly recommended”.
      "Amy's vast pet-industry knowledge coupled with Cat's in-depth marketing expertise makes for a dynamic team, the results of what we've implemented have been AMAZING

      Reverse-engineer planning was a new concept to us and who knew that such a simple idea could produce so many positive results. We now use it for our personal lives and goals as well as in business!"

      "Cat has immense experience having worked with and been trained by some of the best. I can't begin to explain how much I value her contributions to our business.

      She is a superhero... innovative, multi-skilled and constantly bringing new ideas as well as ones that are tried, tested and proven. She is just great!"
      Your Investment… 
      The content that we’re jam-packing into this day is the culmination of over 14 years’ of combined experience ‘in the trenches’ growing businesses in this industry. It’s the knowledge that our private clients pay handsomely for, and for the first time ever (and maybe the last - who knows!) we’re sharing these proven strategies with you for a fraction of the investment.

      If you act fast, you can attend ‘How to Have Your Best Year EVER’ for just £97 £147 until Friday 10th January 2020!


      Please don’t let the low price make you think that this event will be anything short of world-class in content, connections, or level of attendees. It’s going to be amazing.
      Even if you only implement ONE of the strategies that we’ll be sharing with you on the day properly, you would get an awesome return on your investment.

      If you’re smart and you implement ALL of what we share with you, we would expect you to recoup your investment many, MANY times over.

      The bad news is that the venue have a strict limit on numbers due to their health and safety regulations. These tickets will sell out, so if you’re even just a little curious about how you could make 2020 your best year ever in business, our advice is to secure your place now.

      So, if you’re serious about growing your business, your bank account and having your best year EVER then hit 'Claim Your Ticket' before they sell out.

      See you there!
      Still not sure?
      To help you make the best decision for you, think about the answer to this question:

      How many new, additional customers or sales 
      do you need to recoup your investment?

      For many businesses, the answer will be just one or two!

      Even if your answer is 10, think about:
      • The Content
      • The strategies
      • ​The insights
      • ​The conversations
      • ​The connections
      • ​The quality thinking time
      And ask yourself honestly... is all that input going to get you the new customers you need to get a VERY healthy return on your investment?

      The answer is almost certainly, 'YES'. You know what to do.
      Who Are We?
      We are the revolutionaries!  

      We know what it takes to run successful and highly profitable pet businesses, we’ve done it multiple times over with six-figure+ success and now we inspire, empower and educate ambitious and smart Pet Business Owners, like you, to achieve more - for the dogs you help, for the people you work with, but most of all, for yourself and your business.

      Why are we so passionate about sharing success with you? 

      Well, it’s very simple- the strategies that we'll share at 'How to Have Your Best Year EVER!' have revolutionised our own businesses and our clients'! 

      If you're ready to embark on your best year EVER...

      Come and see us live! 
      Cat Jackson
      Cat is one of the UK's most sought after business and marketing minds. Her innovative strategies have sold millions of pounds worth of products and services and genuinely revolutionised many businesses both in the UK and around the world. 

      During the last 10 years Cat has been the pioneer behind many businesses including her own marketing agency which she later sold, a £2m property business, multiple Franchises and a world-leading authority in canine training and behaviour, so it's fair to say she knows a LOT about scaling successful businesses profitably.
      As a qualified Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, Amy has been privileged to train alongside some of the best in the industry and over 7 years ago, launched what became one of the UK's most successful and award-winning Pet Care and Dog Training businesses. 

      She now dedicates her passion for people and pets to to helping pet business owners, like you, grow and transform your business so that you can live the life you want to. 

      Amy Barber
      Want to chat it through?

      Schedule a FREE call with us to discover how 'Your Best Year EVER' 
      can propel your business to the next level...


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