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Let me ask you… 

How different would everything feel for you right now if you had £2k of recurring revenue hitting your bank account this month? 

How about £5k? £10k? Even £20k? 

Coronavirus has reduced many service-based businesses to just a fraction of the revenue previously made (or no revenue at all) - and post-lockdown, we faced a devastatingly high 47% decline in non-medical pet services - so you'd be forgiven for thinking that the sort of figures above are a distant dream for you and your Pet Business. 

However, some Pet Businesses haven't experienced the same financial drought during the Pandemic. They've not only survived, but have thrived and are now continuing to flourish

But, how? 


Every client we work with who had a membership model in place before the lockdowns started are still benefiting from that recurring revenue now. 

Recurring Revenue has not only helped them weather the storm, but allowed them to grow!

More than that, there are many, MANY clients that have taken this exact programme and launched successful and profitable memberships (yes, even in lockdown!) that they are still enjoying the residual monthly income from today. 
Our membership clients have retained over 95% of their members and experienced a minimum of £2k coming into their bank. What a difference that would have made to so many struggling per business owners. 

And THAT'S why we're so passionate about supporting Pet Business Owners to revolutionise their businesses with a membership or subscription model. 

Membership has changed our lives and many, MANY others that I’ve had the privilege to work with - there’s true magic in having PREDICTABLE, SUSTAINABLE recurring income.

So, if you’ve thought about a membership or subscription model before but you’re not sure how to get it to work, or you just love the thought of having regular residual revenue coming into your business  month after month, then keep reading as I unpack this for you... 

When you think of membership, you may think about the usual suspects...

But all sorts of different businesses offer membership! 

I’ll give you a few examples, because it’s not always the 'big boys' or run-of-the-mill things that we think of when we think of membership. Broadly speaking, membership can be broken down into three categories: 

There's are tonnes of weird and wonderful examples of memberships: You name it, there's a membership for it! 

Membership is truly possible is ANY business - it’s not just for BIG businesses - small businesses make membership work just as well.

I’m sure you’ll be able to think of plenty of examples in the Pet industry, whether that’s for trainers, or dog owners...

and service-based memberships are what so many Pet Businesses can and SHOULD be offering! 

Whether you're a Walker, Trainer, Groomer, Sitter, Daycarer or Boarder - membership is not just possible, but practically a no-brainer. 

I’m going to cover three critical things that will get you thinking about why a membership model would be revolutionary in your pet business… 

Reason No. 1

You’re never starting from zero every month.

No recurring revenue? Every month, you end up starting from scratch to find new clients.

You get sick? The kids get sick? Someone you love gets sick and you want to be with them? Coronavirus hits (again)?  You have to work less (or not at all!) and the money dries up.

But with recurring revenue? Every month, you know it’s hitting the bank and that you’re covered.

Membership also irons out the 'peak and trough' fluctuation in your revenue that can happen due to seasonal holidays and not having a steady stream of leads and clients. 

The feast-and-famine is irradiated, those seasonal months become stabilised and then they can grow month-on-month. Recurring Revenue gives you an upward curve rather than roller coaster. 

Even if you have regular walking or grooming clients, your income is still entirely linked to your delivery - it’s a time-for-money exchange which means that it's dependent on how many hours a day (or week) you work as to how much ends up in your bank account at the end of the month.

If you have regular walking, boarding, day care, training or grooming clients right now, then you will LOVE what I’m going to share with you in the course on bringing a membership model into your business...

Reason No. 2

It frees up more time, to do more.

Recurring revenue still takes work. 

But SO much less than probably what you’re doing right now. 

There’s definitely less admin, less invoicing, less chasing payments and less hassle! 

So you can do more stuff.  

Like, building your audience. Creating more sources of recurring revenue...

And having more to spend with your family and your pets, doing what you love!

Reason No. 3

You make more money.

Because Membership allows you to unlink that time/money exchange you can make FAR more money than previously. 

Membership allows you to deliver MORE value to your clients. It also means that you can better serve your members. You can do more for them because their lifetime customer value is SO much higher than an average customer who might use your service or buy your product. 

And you can better serve your clients - so that means that your competition become irrelevant!

The other huge benefit that happens when you have a membership is that your clients take on an identity, they become part of your 'club'. They're not just a 'standard' customer, they’re one of your people - and they share your values, your ethos and become part of you community (and THAT is special!). They become sticky, they become even more loyal to you and your brand. 
Ultimately membership is brilliant for business, and brilliant for your clients. 

One thing that will surprise you is how easy it is to get started. And honestly, now is the best time to plan out your membership and to create something new.

Membership will help to protect your business (should we hit another lockdown) - and allow you to be much more profitable doing much less work - and with much more fun!

You don't need complicated tech, a big audience or a large marketing budget to launch a profitable membership (really!)

Here's what you DO need:

A Service
You Know,
Love & Do
You need a service that you know, love and DO. For example: Dog Walking, Dog Training, Dog Grooming or Daycare.
Clients Who Have Bought From You
You need a service to sell and a small number of clients who pay you, or who have already paid you, for that service. 
The Desire
to Grow
& Profit
Yep, really. Membership frees up more of your time, so you can do more of what you love! 
So, If you want to:
  • ​Streamline and deliver a better, more valuable service and become significantly more profitable by doing LESS work
  • ​Grow your walking or training business or add in more services or classes WITHOUT additional admin
  • ​Experience drastic improvements in your bank balance WITHOUT having to charge by the hour
  • ​ Enjoy a proper work-life balance that means you can go on holiday with your family, or take time off whenever you choose AND still get paid! 
  • ​Increase the value of your Pet Business by building a recurring income model
  • ​Protect your business from peak-and-trough and seasonal income
…you NEED to enrol on the Membership Mastery Online Programme!

What you'll learn...

Presented by Cat Jackson & Amy Barber

Co-Founders of Pet Business Revolution
the UK's No.1 Pet Business Growth team

In this Exclusive Online Programme, you'll discover:
  • Why membership works like wildfire in Pet Businesses
  • ​How to craft your ultimate membership offering
  • ​The formula for the perfect membership  
  • ​Why having levels of membership results in more take up and profit!
  • ​Things to include that are tried, tested and proven to work 
  • ​How to price the various levels and the easy systems to collect payments 
  • ​The exact formula to successfully launch your membership 
  • ​How to manage the logistics of running your membership
  • ​The secret to retaining your members month after month 
  • ​How to scale your membership PROFITABLY!
  • ​and much more - all in easy-to-follow, bitesize modules!

 Just a few of the brands Cat has worked with...

What's Included:
  • Six Easy-to-Follow Video Modules: Accessed in your dedicated Hub
  • Exclusive Facebook Community: For accountability and support
  • ​LIVE Q&A Sessions with Cat & Amy: Following each module release, to cover off your all-important questions and help you make rapid progress
  •  Helpful Downloadable Workbooks: So that you can craft your ultimate pet business membership offering with guided sections, and make notes in style
  • ​Tried & Tested Templates & Examples: To help you shortcut the process
Module Breakdown...
Get instant access to ALL modules:

What alumni say...

All-Important Details...

What is it?

An online programme with six easy-to-follow video modules, PLUS live Q&A's with Cat to help you get it right.

How do I access it?

Your Living Room, Garden, Home Office... anywhere with an Internet connection! 

You'll be given access to a dedicated online hub with all of the  content and downloadable worksheets to help you get it right first time - and the live Q&A's will happen in our dedicated Facebook group.

Who is it suitable for?

Membership Mastery is suitable for any service-based Pet Business -
if you can dream up a membership, we can help you to achieve it!

Who's running it?

Presented by Co-Founders of Pet Entrepreneur Association, Cat Jackson & Amy Barber

Online Programme with 
Cat, Amy and Specially- Selected Guests

Over £5+ Million Generated For Private Clients

Pet Business Membership Model

Your Investment...

If you implement the formula properly, you can expect to look back (as every one of our Private Clients does!) and conclude that this was the smartest money you’ve ever spent on your business - and on you. 

So, if you want to iron out your peak and trough income and grow your business without running yourself ragged trying to see more and more clients... 

If you want to wake up each day and know there’s money coming into that bank that you don’t have to chase.... 

If you want to deliver even MORE VALUE to your clients, and you want to create a community who LOVE what you do - you know what to do... 

£497 £347

Or 3 instalments of £125

But please don’t hang around and mull it over for a few days - this online programme will sell out. 
Due to the Live group Support, we are only taking a limited number.

"Whatever your business within the Pet Industry, Cat will help you unlock the FULL potential of your business!"

Meet Cat Jackson...

Honest, Quick-Thinking & Daring.

Cat is one of the UK's most sought after business and marketing minds. Her innovative strategies have created thousands of customers, sold millions of pounds worth of products and services and have genuinely revolutionised many businesses both in the UK and around the world. 

Many say that one of Cat's greatest gifts is the ability to very quickly understand, interpret and make tangible the things that her clients sometimes struggle to verbalise. 

During the last 10 years Cat has been the pioneer behind many businesses (many of them memberships or subscriptions!) and single-handedly built her own marketing agency with some of the brightest minds in the industry. She’s also been at the helm of a £2m property business, multiple award-winning Franchises and has spent the past five years growing the empire of one of the world’s leading authorities on Canine Training and Behaviour, so it's fair to say she knows a LOT about building and scaling successful businesses profitably.

Apart from good wine(!), one of Cat's other passions is creating profitable membership businesses that fly

She has worked with countless companies from small start ups who are carving their way in the market; through to £10 million + companies to create and build their membership offerings. 

Despite their varying size and turnover, there is one commonality between them - each membership package has been transformational for that particular business.

 Just a few of the brands Cat has worked with...

We'll leave you with this...

Big thinking happens amongst ambitious, talented people. And on this online programme, you’ll experience just that. 

Big plans will be formed and business changing (and maybe even life changing!) things will happen as a result 
of the implementation that follows this programme.

That’s not hyperbole, that’s been the case for every private client that we’ve implemented this with. 

So, at this point there isn’t really much more we can say.

When we look back on our entrepreneurial lives, what we’ll really be looking at is a series of decisions that created our destiny. 

Some of them will (hopefully!) have been smart decisions, others may have been silly ones, 
but only a few decisions will have shaped our future. 

Enrolling on this programme and implementing a membership model in your business will surely have been one of them. 

We'll do our absolute best to ensure that’s the case for you. 

Register now while there are still spaces available, and we'll see you on the inside!

Amy & Cat

 Co-Founders of Pet Business Revolution

"Membership is the formula for business stability! This advanced Online Programme will give you the EXACT formula, techniques and all of the expert tools that we've used to transform Pet Businesses from scattergun income to sustainable, predictable profit!"


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